Meet the Nodders — Mitch!

Welcome, hello, how are you?

Welcome, I’m good thanks.

Tell us a bit about yourself ?

I’m a proud Kiwi and have just started working as a full stack engineer at Nod this week! Previously worked as a developer in the agency world, corporate media and the startup world so a bit of everything. I enjoy beer, wine, coffee, music and the outdoors.

What were you doing in the last two hours before this interview?

Working on a bug for a new feature about to be released, and team demo/lunch which was awesome to see what everyone has been working on before I arrived.

What are your plans after this interview?

Architectural meetings this afternoon, and then I’m off to a wine tasting with Gentle Folk Wines later, a really good producer from the Adelaide Hills!

Describe Nod using three nouns and three adjectives.

AI, Documents, Speed.

Interesting, Challenging, Tasty

Why Nod?

I’m super excited to be part of a fast-growing company solving a painful problem. It’s interesting to work on cool technologies but much more satisfying when its for a specific problem a customer really wants.

On the technical side there are some big challenges from the process and architectural side of things which I really enjoy working on.

What are you looking forward to most this week?

Learning as much as I can about Nod right from the team, product, technology and future plans.