Welcome to NodeHost.Online — The Platform Breaking Down Barriers for Massive Adoption to Enter The Masternode Market

NodeHost.Online is a software platform that makes masternode management easy, smooth, and overall a notably better experience. NodeHost provides a simple and secure web portal for any user to deploy, manage and analyze their cryptocurrency masternodes. NodeHost offers a wide range of services from masternode deployment, maintenance, upkeep and support — to reward tracking and analysis, to masternode governance management, masternode pooling, and much more. NodeHost.Online platform supports and actively lists a variety of masternode cryptocurrencies, and is the only platform to provide such a sharpened all-in-one masternode management solution.


NodeHost’s goal is to allow users to deploy masternodes faster, optimize users’ coin reward output, and provide all users a place to manage their masternodes through one clean and secure portal. Our vision for NodeHost is to become the most user-friendly, most secure, most efficient and effective masternode management platform. By streamlining the masternode deployment and maintenance process for non-technical users we are breaking down major barriers to entry for massive adoption to enter into the masternode market.

Many people within the blockchain realm are vaguely aware of the masternode space, but often are intimidated by a) the complicated process of setting up a masternode, b) the constant management and upkeep required to keep a masternode online, or c) the large amount of collateral typically required to activate a masternode.

We designed NodeHost to eliminate all of these barriers.

NodeHost makes masternodes highly accessible and efficient for all users by providing a solution for every step of the masternode management process. Whether you’re a masternode aficionado or a brand new cryptocurrency user, NodeHost offers a service that can increase the efficiency of your deployment process. We offer dedicated deployment & maintenance for non-technical users, detailed reward analysis for the veterans, and secure masternode pooling for those who cannot afford their own full masternode. NodeHost’s mission is to truly make the masternode market far more accessible for all types of users.

NodeHost Services — The Future of Masternode Management

Masternode veterans are well aware that masternode management can be a tedious, time-consuming and nerve-wracking experience. Through a variety of quality features paired with an extremely active support team, NodeHost is eliminating this stigma, for everyone. NodeHost platform has been built to offer 3 main services — Full-Service hosting, Server-Only hosting, and Shared Masternodes (masternode pooling )— alongside a wide variety of utility perks and features.

1. Full-Service Masternode Hosting

Full-Service hosting is our easiest and most popular hosting option. Users can utilize NodeHost’s state of the art custodian system to store and secure their digital assets while still maintaining the ability to use these coins to participate in network features. With the funds you securely store on NodeHost, you can launch a masternode or stake your coins with a single click. All rewards earned go to the user’s account address, and can be withdrawn at anytime. All masternodes can be shut down at any time.

2. Server-Only Hosting

For those who prefer to hold your own coins, Server-Only was built for you. Keep your private keys and use your own wallets. NodeHost provides a smart server that will configure, launch and maintain your node for you. The user copies their public transaction ID generated via their masternode outputs, enters the txID into the NodeHost user portal, and NodeHost will securely deploy and manage the masternode for you. All rewards go to the user’s personal local wallet.

3. Shared Masternodes (Q4 2018)

We believe participating in networks via masternodes should be available to all coin holders who desire to support their network. This is why we have built and are releasing Shared Masternodes as an option for our users. Through NodeHost, users can easily utilize their digital assets to control a share of any listed masternode cryptocurrency. All rewards will be split among the shareholders in accordance to their holdings and all network governance votes will be based on the majority decision of the shareholders.

NODE Coin (Q4 2018)

Among the most exciting updates we have to announce is the release of our native NodeHost platform token: NODE coin. Users who pay fees in NODE coin will be granted discounted service fees on all platform services. Any user who holds one or more (1+) NODE masternodes on the platform will be granted access to NodeHost PRO. NodeHost PRO will provide additional perks to platform users alongside an entire layer of discounted fees.

NODE Coin Specs

Algorithm: MN + POS

Max Supply: 25,000,000

Blocktime: 1 minute

Premine: 8% (2,000,000)

Masternode Collateral: 5,000

Block Rewards: 50% MN, 48% POS, 2% Platform/Server Fees

NodeHost PRO

NodeHost PRO is set to be released alongside NODE coin in Q4 2018. NodeHost PRO will grant users access to a growing list of additional platform bonuses and features, including:

  • + Additional Increased Discounts for NODE masternode holders
  • + Faster Platform Queue Times
  • + Increased Referral Rewards Program
  • + Access to NodeHost Beta Programs
  • + Access to NodeHost PRO Exclusive On-Site Chat Room
  • + More perks to come

While we aim to please and reward our biggest community supporters with NODE coin & NodeHost PRO, we also strongly believe our platform should be available to all users. This is why all essential masternode hosting features will always remain available to all users. Despite being more cost-efficient, NODE coin is NOT required to use the NodeHost platform.


We are beyond thankful for our current community for helping us bring NodeHost to where it is today from our beta three months ago. We are extremely excited to continue iterating and improving our solution in order to bring more efficient masternode deployment, management, and governance to all cryptocurrency users. We truly believe, that with the help of our community, masternodes can become an advantageous component for blockchain networks all over the world.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you on NodeHost!

Platform — https://NodeHost.Online/

Discord — https://discordapp.com/invite/VRspZwV

Twitter — https://twitter.com/Node_Host

Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/node_host/