Lunch Break Writing: Current Status

I meant to write this a little closer to my birthday on the 10th. But you know how things are.

I can’t wait to show y’all the new lab and sewing room. They’re almost ready for projects. I’ve posted some picture of Twitter of the wood shop. My internet friends will get a tour of my house soon enough.

The new house is even better because my partner has moved in with me and my two cats. It feels like we’re a family now. It’s really been helping my self-esteem.

Work’s going great. I love working for Auth0, and I get to flex new muscles every day. Between coding, running events, writing and video content, it’s a new challenge every day and I’m thriving in it.

I’ve finally actually gone through with my decades-long wish to start wood carving. I was inspired by toys and ornaments my father’s father made. I still have a wooden bookend of his that looks like books, and we hang some of his ornaments on the Christmas tree every year.

The sewing room is my chance to really learn how to sew and serge instead of not reading how-tos, trying, getting frustrated, and storming off.

My lab is exactly what I wanted — a place I can work in peace and quiet. It’s away from the living area and I built an AV cart so my recording stuff isn’t in my way when I’m not using it.

As for my personal state — My medication is helping me times a million. I can’t thank my psychiatrist enough. I’m stable, no panic attacks in three weeks despite several triggers…and I can focus and get stuff done. I’ve pulled nearly a 180.

Well, Arya has decided hooman needs to type less and eat more of their lunch, so that’s all for now. I’ll write more soon.

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