New Year, New Swag: Node.js Store Grows

We know devs like to represent their favorites projects, so we’ve been working on something you’ll love. We are happy to offer brand new swag in the Node.js Store! Mugs, decals, bottles and more are available for purchase. Check out the new offerings here:

We are also excited to introduce a special Node.js Pride collection! Get our unisex Pride tee or get a decal to put wherever you want to represent Node.js — laptops, notebooks, whiteboards, or wherever you see fit.

Show your Node.js love in cup form, too! Whether thirsty from solving problems using Node.js or just a little tired from a long night of coding, we also have you covered. We have eco-friendly water bottles for when you are on the go and a beautiful, monochromatic pink cup for the office.

Decals (and a new pin!)
Add a little Node.js flair by wearing our pin on your clothes or putting our decals on laptops, phones, or notebooks.


Of course, we have new apparel, too! In our renovated store, you’ll find a black tank dress with the Node.js logo and a new emerald green T-shirt. Also, you can now get a JS logo pink tee in men and women sizes. Or, if you’re more into classics, shop for our black tee, which also has options for both men and women.

We are excited to bring you new gear for the new year! Check out all the new swag here 👉