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I’m pretty sure this is a simple question, but I have no idea where the docs are and the one at don’t really help.

So let’s say I have a http server and written a website to connect to it.

  1. How do I provide protection to the server so that unauthorized people(people who connected not through the website) will be blocked/dropped/banned.
  2. How do I end a socket connection on the server side? So If I have
  • io.sockets.on('connection', function (socket) { socket.on('end', function() { var i = global_sockets_list.indexOf(socket); global_sockets_list.splice(i, 1); }); socket.emit('end'); // Doesn't work, just sends data socket.end(); //error });

How do I end a socket connection? (The connect then disconnect above is for testing)

Problem courtesy of: Derek


Try calling:




EDIT: You might be able to check the referer header. Look at Security Issues for more info.

Solution courtesy of: Femi

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