Need suggestion for SysLog with Node.js


I have just npm install node-syslog but it doesn’t work.

I have a syslog server (IP address , and local0).

And I’m looking for a syslog module to help me post the message to syslog. But I don’t know which one I should use. Please give me some suggestion. thanks.

oh.. if there is a good syslog parser (node.js), please let me know too. :)

Problem courtesy of: murvinlai


I’ve used both


without any issues.

But when I’m in your situation I run:

npm search $(what im looking for)

I ran npm search syslog and this is my output, hope it helps.

ain                  Syslog logging for node.js                                    =akaspin       (prehi
ain-tcp Syslog logging for node.js, with syslog/TCP support =andry1 2011-0
ain2 Syslog logging for node.js. Continuation of ain =phuesler 2012-0
ain2-fs Syslog logging for node.js. Continuation of ain =ossareh 2011-1
ain2-papandreou Syslog logging for node.js. Continuation of ain =papandreou 2012-0
artifi-glossy Syslog parser and producer. It is fork of - pleas
beatit Simple agent that can stay hooked on a log file (even if while log rotated and send
frontail tail -F output in browser =mthenw 2012-0
glossy Syslog parser and producer =squeeks 2012-0
netasqsyslog Syslog for NETASQ security appliances =sdolard 2012-0
node-nativesyslog JavaScript-only syslog module for NodeJS =janoszen 2011-1
node-syslog Node module to support sending messages to syslog daemon =schamane 2012-0
posix The missing POSIX system calls =mel 2012-0
rconsole 'syslog.h' bindings with a revised console module =tblobaum 2012-0
simplelogger A simple logging solution supporting file, stdout and syslog output =ditesh 2011-06
splog A NodeJS library which provides a syslog-like remote logging interface =mattbornski
syslog Syslog-ng TCP client, with basic fault-tolerance. =cloudhead 2011-0
syslog-node A syslog server and realtime web view of syslog messages =cconstantine 2011-0
syslogd-nodejs syslogd in node.js with logging to cli, file, mongodb and via websockets =crahles 2
tails Aggregate your syslog messages & filter for those that matter in real time. =porter
winston-syslog A syslog transport for winston =indexzero 2011-0
winston-syslog-ain2 An ain2 based syslog transport for winston =lamtha 2012-0

Solution courtesy of: Raadad

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