node.js on Windows. When and why?


Note: There is a similar question called ‘installing nodejs on windows machine’. And various answers explaining how by installing cygwin you can get it working there.

now, I don’t want to install cygwin. I just wish I could run nodejs on a windows box.

I want a “nodejs.exe” to kick off.

Can somebody explain to me

1) why nodejs has not been ported on windows — what are the technical reasons for not providing an exe ?

2) are there any plans to have nodejs on windows ?

I really would like to use it but I can’t accept that I have to accept cygwin. That’s just not right.

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For optimum node on windows development I recommend you use the Windows Azure powershell for node.js. It’s a powershell optimised for using node, npm and the azure APIs. (the azure apis are optional. I would still use this powershell if I didn’t use azure).

When : v0.6

Currently you can get a binary file that (kind of) works under windows. Go ask on the node.js IRC channel. They’ll hook you up.

Basically if you read up on node.js road plans you will find that proper windows support is planned for 0.6, we are currently on v0.4.7 and the v0.5.x beta is in full storm.

I won’t give an ETA but it’s soon.

IRC can be found at the Community links

PDF showing v0.6 road plan

July 2011 update:

#nodejs v0.5.1 is the first to ship with an official Windows executable. We’re hoping to get some good feedback.

Microsoft has officially gotten involved with joyent in making node.js run natively on windows.

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