Running Node.js as a service on Cygwin


I’m trying to run a Node.js http server through cygwin as a service, so that it continues to run even once I’ve logged out (machine still running). The closest I’ve been able to find is:

cygrunsrv -I service_name-p path [-a arguments] 
[-e VAR=VALUE] [-t auto|manual] [-u user] [-w passwd]

used as

cygrunsrv -I nodeserver -p /usr/local/bin/node -a ~/server.js

but that doesn’t seem to run properly… Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if this is possible

Problem courtesy of: A Wizard Did It


D’oh, seems like node-worker was the cause behind the probem. It runs but that part of the pie wasn’t working… Oh well. At least I figure it out.

Solution courtesy of: A Wizard Did It

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