What are the main differences between APE and Node.js?


Could anyone that has used both share his/her experience? What are the main differences and which one do you prefer? Thank you.

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Different socket.io vs APE:

  • socket.io is coded in javascript(node.js) while APE is coded in C. I believe that is a big difference when you want to contribute. Maybe because you like the project or maybe because you want some more functionality. I think it will be easier to contribute Socket.io because you program Javascript, which is easier to grasp according to a lot of people(I Agree, although C is also very cool language).
  • I believe socket.io supports a lot more browsers/transport compared to APE, but I am not sure. Socket.io information vs information from APE page:
APE Server is an Comet server implementing the POST and GET methods of the HTTP protocol. It does not replace a regular Web Server (such as Apache, Lighttpd or Nginx), however, the APE Server is only used for AJAX Push.

So I guess APE supports less transports then socket.io.

Like Raynos said it is difficult to compare those two products and I believe you should play with them both and then decide which one you like more.

Same Socket.io/APE:

  • You can both code in Javascript to communicate with the server. I think you will have more freedom using socket.io because everything is exposed via Javascript.


I only have experience with socket.io and I like it a lot.

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