Why won’t my Mongoose model load?


This is my locationsModel.js file:

var LocationSchema, LocationsSchema, ObjectId, Schema, mongoose;
mongoose = require('mongoose');
Schema = mongoose.Schema;
ObjectId = Schema.ObjectId;
LocationSchema = {
latitude: String,
longitude: String,
locationText: String
LocationsSchema = new Schema(LocationSchema);
getLocation: function(callback) {
return console.log('hi');
exports.Locations = mongoose.model('Locations', LocationsSchema, 'locations');

In my controller, I have:

var Locations, mongoose;
mongoose = require('mongoose');
Locations = require('../models/locationsModel').Locations;
exports.search = function(req, res) {
var itemText, locationText;
Locations.getLocation('info', function(err, callback) {
return console.log('calleback');

When I run it, I get the following error:

TypeError: Object function model() {
Model.apply(this, arguments);
} has no method 'getLocation'

What am I missing?

Problem courtesy of: Shamoon


I think what you’re after is statics rather than a method.

As per the docs:

I think you should define the getLocations function as follows (looking at your use of getLocations you've got a string parameter as well as the callback:

LocationsSchema.statics.getLocation = function(param, callback) {
return console.log('hi');


The difference between statics and methods is whether you are calling it on the "type" or "objects" of that type. Adapted from the examples:

BlogPostSchema.methods.findCreator = function (callback) {
return this.db.model('Person').findById(this.creator, callback);

which you’d invoke as such:

BlogPost.findById(myId, function (err, post) {
if (!err) {
post.findCreator(function(err, person) {
// do something with the creator

Solution courtesy of: beny23

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