What is NodeSwap ?

Jul 14, 2018 · 3 min read

NodeSwap is a platform allowing its users to get access to the very exciting world of masternodes and PoS coins, both granting juicy rewards. Going beyond just masternodes, depending on one’s cash flow, anyone can acquire portions (slots) of masternodes, which gives the enormous advantage of making any masternodes affordable, even the most expensive ones. The keyword is « simplicity ». In just a few clicks, anyone can compose his own portfolio (called Supernode) of high-risk-high-rewards together with low-risk-more-steady masternodes/coins, which is ideal to spread their risk across several digital assets.

Easy setup

No technical knowledge is required, thanks to the NodeSwap’s all-in-one core concept. All masternode deployments are handled by NodeSwap.

Daily rewards, passive income

Users decide how they wish to use their daily rewards: either by getting them directly in ETH, or by reinvesting them into their portfolio in order to strengthen it.

Let’s take an example: your Supernode is made up of 20% of a DASH masternode, 50% of an XLR masternode, 30% of a VEN masternode and 100 NEO in PoS. You have several options:

  • You can use all the daily rewards to grow your VEN ownership until you reach a full masternode.
  • You can distribute all the rewards to grow each of your masternodes prorata of your current ownership percentage or equally.
  • You can grow your NEO stake.
  • You can withdraw your rewards directly in ETH.


A NodeSwap’s Supernode refers to a user’s private portfolio which includes “seats” of different masternodes and Staking coins. A Supernode is seen as one entity on the platform, that you can grow and manage.

Collateral system

NodeSwap collateralizes the platform’s users with a Smart Contract-controlled collateral guarantee system. Thanks to it, in the event of a default, your assets are automatically transferred back to you.

Masternode exchange

NodeSwap also includes a masternode exchange: sell part(s) or all of your Supernode, convert your rewards to another currency or « swap » it for other slots of your liking. As all transactions happen outside of traditional crypto-exchanges, there is no impact on the coins’ market price: all transactions are peer-to-peer.

Rating & voting system

Another great feature is the masternodes and PoS coins ranking, thanks to a rating and voting system by NodeSwap’s users, thus making it easier to identify the most sustainable masternodes.

Shadow Swapping

Clone another user’s Supernode based on his performance rank.

Top-ranked Shadow Leaders will earn additional rewards.

Prediction market

NodeSwap uses market insights for its algorithm that determines which masternodes will be the most profitable ones.

Easy desktop dashboard and mobile application

More info at https://ico.nodeswap.io


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