3 Advantages of Shared Masternode Platforms Over Hosting Services

Jan 26 · 3 min read
Shared Masternode Platform VS Masternode Hosting - https://nodexo.io/

Despite the down trend of crypto asset market, new coins are still being created. And some proportion of the new crypto projects integrate masternodes as an added value to their project. Similar situation is with the masternode hosting platforms as new players come to market advertising themselves as the top masternode hosting platform in the market. However the only unique selling proposition (USP) for them is the price and the variety of coin support. And unfortunately this is the only feature the customers are looking for — a cheap masternode hosting service.

The good news is that, besides the hosting services, there are many other solutions how you can own a masternode. One such option is Nodexo shared masternode platform, that is totally different from typical hosting site regarding pricing structure, masternode owning capabilities and investment options.

1. Partial Commitment VS Full Commitment

Nodexo shared masternode platform gives you ability to own a share of a masternode and earn rewards according to your commitment. This means that you don’t need to own full collateral in order to be eligible for masternode setup. Start with what you already have and steadily increase your income until you can get your own full masternode. Hosting services only allow you to host a full masternode on their services, which means that you need to own the collateral fully. There might also be a possibility that all the setup has to be done by yourself. If you are tech-savvy then it shouldn’t be a problem, however it might be for some. In Nodexo case all the masternode setup and maintenance is done by us.

2. Service Pricing Model

The most common practice of hosting services is to charge a fixed price for a VPS you are using. The trickiest part is to estimate whether your masternode rewards will cover the hosting fee. For example if the hosting fee is $10 per month for 1 VPS, but your masternode rewards will generate less than $10 monthly, then you need to be extremely optimistic, that the masternode you plan to own will recover and make more in long term. The greatest advantage of Nodexo shared masternode platform is that the service fee is calculated depending on the performance of the masternode which means that the fee is results based as a percentage of the rewards. To gain insights about your potential earnings, use the Nodexo masternode calculator where weekly, monthly and yearly return on investment (ROI) is set according to your masternode share.

3. Acquiring a Masternode

Once you decided to finally get your own masternode, you’ll need to collect the collateral first and lock it in a cold wallet. They typical way of doing is, you go to Coin Market Cap and search in which exchange the masternode coin can be bought. Then you find out that you need to create an account in that exchange, because you have never used it. Once you complete the registration, place a buy order. Meanwhile you need to set up the original masternode coin wallet where to send the collateral to. After so many steps you are finally ready for setup. A completely different approach is done in Nodexo. If you don’t feel like doing the messy steps above, just get your masternode with Bitcoin or Ethereum via Nodexo shared masternode platform and that’s it. In your account you’ll find your own BTC or ETH address, once the funds are deposited, refresh your account and the collateral will be visible in your account balance.


Masternode hosting services can be an option if you already are aware of the technicalities of setting up the masternode and all you need is just a stable VPS with dedicated IP address and of course the cheaper the better. Shared masternode platform is a solution for those who are not ready yet to commit a full collateral and who own just some amount of coins. The platform is more flexible in owning a masternode and also acquiring one, because there is no need for you to look for exchanges to get mastenode coins, all of this is done by Nodexo shared masternode platform.

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