1. Bend the rules
reach your goals while helping others

2. Hack your mind
Nervous == Excited

3. Be patient
Real success is hard work, keep at it

4. Take accountability
Document your fails and learn from them

5. Outdo yourself
Focus on your work not on others

6. Choose your battles
Don't waste time with people not engaged with you

7. Be the last to speak
Listen, earn thrust then present.

8. Be authentic
Be consistent in your identity

9. Find your passion
Do what you love, get paid

10. Sell your ideals
People buy “why” you do the…

Al no existir una traducción buena en línea, aquí está mi intento

Una luz mas

Debi de quedarme? hubo señales que ignore?
Puedo ayudarte, a no sufrir mas?
Vimos brillantez, mientras el mundo dormia
hay cosas que podemos tener, mas no quedar

si ellos dicen
a quien le importa si una luz mas se extingue?
En un cielo de un millon de estrellas
esta titila, titila
a quien le importa si el tiempo de alguien se acaba?
Si somos solo un momento
o menos, menos
a quien le importa si una luz mas se extingue?
Pues a mi

los recordatorios…

a checklist

  • /worldborder set 6000
  • /worldborder center 0 0
  • /setworldspawn 0 0 0
  • /gamerule keepInventory true
  • /mobGriefing false
  • /sendCommandFeedback false
  • /op userX
  • /locate Village
  • /gamemode 0
  • /give @p log 64
  • /tp @p userX

Being in the web design industry for a long time I’ve found myself constantly installing daily use software on fresh out of the box computers and VMs for myself or whole teams.


  • System Tweaks
    -Show hidden files
    -Show extensions
    -Disable windows defender and firewall
    -Disable automatic updates
    -Disable UAC
    -Disable System sounds
    -Setup fixed size pagefile
    -Disable live wallpaper and screensaver
    -Disable fancy windows effects
    -Optimize Power options, disable sleep
    -Set international english keyboard as default
    -Add localhost.com to hosts file
    -Join homegroup
    -Partitioning or setting slave disk
  • Uninstall ms Office (except in front desk)
  • Install Avast, update, disable sounds

Dribbble is dead

I wanted to get serious about contributing more to the design and development community. I tried Blogging but was a tedious activity for me try as I might. I'd previously tried getting into Dribbble (4 years later still no invite) even tried making a couple of little GitHub repos and gists, but they weren't getting much traffic and I felt like I was getting very little feedback on the work.

Enter Codepen

Dribble has been a real source of inspiration, but the fact that I couldn’t be active in the community was a real downer


Web Developer sharing bookmarks, design inspiration and knowledge for all

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