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Far too simplistic. I’m a back row kid, have always worked hard, and probably will continue to work until the day I die. Everything that’s been said about Hillary has been said about me (I refuse to conform to the world’s expectations about ‘good girls’), but I’m sitting in the back row with the ‘losers’ every day. The issue is sexism, pure and simple. I would rather gouge my eyes out than vote for Trump: he’s vile and everything back row kids detest: he brags, he tears folks down, he sneers at those who don’t fall into line, he lack compassion, insight, sympathy, and listening ability. He’s not a leader but a bully. Nor is he back row, he’s just taking advantage of us all. If Trump gets elected, we are all in trouble, because he’ll turn his back on the back row in a NY minute. His candidacy is revenge for the victory of Obama.

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