Sexism is the easy and lazy explanation.
Jim Michels

“Sexism’ … easy and lazy? Hillary has gone farther than any woman in history. She has a past that has been littered with rumor, innuendo and blame. No, she isn’t perfect, none of us are. When those in opposition to her veiws/ policy is unarguable, she gets shut down because of her gender. That’s why she is ‘the bitch,’ or ‘whiny,’ or ‘shrill,’ or ‘unwell.’ That is what is ‘easy and lazy.’

Why is she doing poorly? Because it’s ‘easy and lazy’ to follow the loudest voice, the biggest bluster, the shameless bravado rather than do the work of thinking, researching and discerning what is really best for the nation. After all, years of media have taught the public they don’t have to think, just turn on Hannity or O’Reilly, they’ll tell you some version of convoluted ‘truthiness.’ Trump has garnered millions of dollars worth of free publicity, and readily dumps his theories, his blather, his shallow view of life. Easy to digest such pablum, but the afterburn lasts years.

“Sexism’… easy and lazy? Have you lived it? Many live it daily.

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