Spiritually safe
Jonas Ellison

Yes… and thank you for reminding me. We all have those moments…when we simply release our thoughts/fear… and just be.

I’ve walked into places of darkness..knowing I was supposed to be there, to be light there. And I was… and I was safe.

Been to places that most avoid (deathbed) and know I was supposed to be there, to be light there. And I was… I was safe..and so was the dying.

Been to places of turmoil.. and knowing I was supposed to be there, turmoil was diminished…

None of this was because of me.. but because of what I brought with me, that which sent me, that which is light.

What I’ve learned about faith is that it isn’t about what I believe but who/what I trust. I trust God’s promise to be with me no matter what so nothing else matters. I can release my personal fear.. and just be, and the one who sent me is light with me. Safety.

And if the worst that could happen..happens, I’m still safe because He keeps his word. And it’s all good.. whether we live, or whether we die, we are his.

No worries.

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