Am I an Alcoholic?
Laura McKowen

I absolutely love your response. As a society we are so obsessed with labels, and if we don’t fit clearly into certain little boxes… people just don’t know how to behave. People want a diagnosis in order to work on self-improvement… but that’s not required to want to be and do better.

I have said for a while now that I have a problem with alcohol…a problem I haven’t yet decided how to handle. However, whether or not I’m a true alcoholic by whatever scientific or life-destructive measurements people use to determine these things, seems irrelevant to me. There’s a problem that needs to be addressed and that’s where the focus should be. I actually have no problem using the word alcoholic like most do. I’m fine with it. Fascinating enough, at times that I’ve used it, I’ve had friends attempt to convince me that I’m fine and that I’m exaggerating. I even had a psychologist tell me that I’m probably not a “alcoholic” but I just use alcohol to cope with depression. I really didn’t understand the point of saying that. So is it okay to self-medicate?… Is what I was left thinking.

Anyway — thank you for such an amazing response.

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