This is nonsense.
Chelle Atwater

I’m trying to be patient with different views on Medium, but this is straight up stupid. President Obama caused the racist tension in this country? Are you kidding? There has always been racial tension in this country, although for many years people acted like it didn’t exist. But guess what? Racial profiling, the supposed war on drugs which targeted black people, the incarceration of black men, abuse from the police, all the ways this country has made it difficult for minorities to get ahead …all these things were happening way before Obama. And FYI, if you didn’t know we’ve ALWAYS been uncomfortable with it. However, after 9/11 people became even more outspoken about their dislike for anyone darker than a paper brown bag… and that was also before Obama.

During Obama’s presidency people claimed he wasn’t American, that he was a secret Muslim, and they made fun of how he looked. In your mind, did he cause the racial tension simply cause he had darker skin, ran for president and made it impossible for some white people to keep their racism on the down low?

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