I’m curious: do you regret having waited so long?
My experience mirrors yours pretty damn closely.
Rachel Steiner

No, I don’t. There are some disadvantages I guess. I’m now learning what most people learned in their 20s. Learning more about my body, my desires, and to be blunt…just how to do stuff.

However, what I lack in physical experience, I make up for with knowing my mind and what I want in life. Most people start having sex during a time in their life when they have no idea who they are, and what they want so they start falling for everything…which leads to a lot of heartbreak and terrible relationships. I’m not knocking that experience, I’m just stating what I’ve seen.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible for me to fall for the wrong person, or that I won’t make my own mistakes … but I have a very realistic outlook on sex and relationships due to waiting it out for so long. I don’t confuse sex, love, lust, boredom and loneliness with one another. I am very good at identifying what I’m feeling, why I’m feeling it, and while I’ll struggle with each thing… I also don’t let these individual emotions dictate my whole life. I see the bigger picture, and I make decisions based off that.

So mentally, I’m in a healthier place to be having sex. I’m not saying that’s the path everyone should take….but I don’t regret how things worked out for me, although believe me… it wasn’t always easy.

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