This is nonsense.
Chelle Atwater

Statements like this is the reason why I have trouble doing what I do. I live in a small southern town with neighbors who voted for Trump. I have to go to a job where I serve and force myself to smile at these people who voted for Trump. I do it for the money. I have bills to pay and things to do — and this is where I live for the moment.

However, my smile and enthusiasm to do my job well translates to:

“That black lady is okay with what’s happening in this country.”

“That waitress is one of the good ones.”

“This waitress is making me comfortable in my racism…and I’m okay with her for that.”

“I’ll even leave this waitress a nice tip for making me comfortable again.” — The very least they can do, honestly.

Years of forced smiles, and being hushed made a certain part of this country truly believe that racial tensions did not exist before President Obama. Work is work and I do what I have to — but this is why I don’t give out my smiles for free all willynilly outside of work. I’m not here to make people comfortable because that gives people the tool to make themselves think that all is right in the world, while millions suffer. We (all minorities and progressive women) need to stop giving out our smiles for free.

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