We have all come across this phase where society decides what you have to do and what you shouldn’t do. Such is the influence which a society had or has on humans these days. Gladly I am happy for a fact that I’m in the design field which infact is a field which the society sees it as a women’s field since they have an idea only about fashion design. Many families have fallen for the societies views and think that they are right because everyone is doing it. Thank god my parents didn’t fall in this trap of societies opinion and believing that we need more problem solvers in this world with creativity rather than just blindly choosing a field.

Just when I heard that we should ask questions like why?, if something doesn’t makes sense to you , you need to know why? Knowing that why gives a great understanding and learning in life. I’ve had questions like why are we doing Human Factors as a subject? Some answers are like to understand human interaction with the world and some are like it is important to know the ergonomics of interaction. Asking this question why always leads to different perspectives. It enables ones critical thinking and helps him/her/non-binary to be creative and problem solvers I feel. Sometimes we can’t make sense out of everything and if we try to make sense out of everything I feel we’ll never let things be the way it is. It is indeed good to know what things are making sense to you and we all should thrive towards keeping those things which makes sense in our senses.

God’s Imperfection

Imperfection is everywhere, The God who made is also imperfect because of us humans being imperfect. The world is so imperfect that we most of the time fail to be the perfect person. We are shaped by our parents from a very young age and I feel it’s a cycle of the imperfection continuing. As a child we did a lot of things without knowing the consequences, at that point of time it was innocently done and we were never aware of the damages caused, the impact it had on people. Example: when I was in 6th grade I had no idea what the antenna on the top of the car was and I had broken it and the consequence for that was the car radio was not working that well. The damage caused then didn’t affect me but it did on my father. Such is the trouble we get into when we design with innocence. We are not aware about the problems or consequences we have to face.

Act of elimination

Sometimes consequences are faced due to the act of elimination with carelessness. We as humans are known for neglecting things around us without any second thought. Act of elimination is also a design. We constantly keeps eliminating the unwanted answers to give the best and appropriate answers to the audience we meet everyday.


Elimination happens also because of the intent behind the idea. Design is an intent in that way. Why we are doing a certain design helps us design in a better way. Having an intent drives us as a designer towards the goal we want to reach. Intent plays a major role in life. Design is not the only part where intent has a role. We also have a certain intent when we start talking to a new person. Example: I start talking to a girl who looks good and probably I’m just attracted towards her but my intent to start a conversation with her would be basically to either date her or be her good friend. But here is one of the major problem. How much ever your intent is, we can never communicate with someone fully and that’s were we start playing the guessing game which leads us to a puzzle of what the other person needs. We start falling for things which really aren’t there, we make ourselves vulnerable for a non-existent thing and finally we start expecting things for our whole life.

What are we expecting our whole life to be like?

Tell your story

We fall short when it comes to telling our life stories to people. we don’t know how to tell it or whom to tell it to. We are humans with a lot of needs and sometimes or most of the times we want to be heard. Given the opportunity to be heard, we need to tell people our stories so that they will remember it even after we are dead. Some may not remember it but memories live forever. When we talk about memories, photos are the best way to document what your life is. The first ever recording was we humans only and our ancestors passed on the stories from one generation to another. In a away we humans are constantly adding our part to the story and carrying forward to a never ending story.

The 116 Images of NASA, Daguerreotypes, Cyanotypes, Eadweard Muybridge and the Lumiere brothers whom we studied from class were all having one thing in common. Photographys and Videos as form of telling a story which will be heard by many.




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