Why “responsivenes” matters?

Let’s say you’re a Business Manager..

You choose to ignore the majority of people who works within your group. You rarely answer the phone. You respond very late to messages. When employees ask you for direction on a task, you ignore them or delay your response.

How long do you think your team would stay?

Not very long. Employee turnover will be abnormally high.

Will someone notice your non-responsiveness?

Sure — someone is watching.

Should you be concerned?

Hell, yeah.

Responsiveness is especially important amongst those within your company.

Responsiveness is an indicator of your efficiency

People at work have varied expectations, most of the time, more is expected from their Managers. Also, there will always be tasks or results in your organization that will be highly-contingent to your efficiency.

If you have 10 deliverables due for the week (work input) and you have submitted 6 on time (work output), 4 got delayed delayed due to some unforseen circumstances (or so, so bullshit) do you expect that a 60% ratio will yield trust and confidence? What message do you think will it send to others?

Your responsiveness can make or break other People’s performance

A good leader’s role (also applies to individual contributors who are excellent team-players) is to remove obstacles, NOT BECOME ONE.

It is everyone’s job to move projects and/or performance along. When you delay your responses, most of the time it is as bad as you leaving valuable resources idled without pointing a direction on how to move forward.

Delays are waste.

Customers, Clients as well as Co-workers hate it.

Lack of responsiveness costs businesses real money. Usually, those who don’t get it are those who are likewise poor in judging issues as well as weak in making decisions because of their undependable business acumen.

We get more messages than before. The difference between those that deliver and those that don’t can be sometimes defined by one small discipline.

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