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Digital Project Manager & Innovator with Senior Full Stack Developer background.

Introducing the all new ICF Conference Website.

The new ICF Conference Page — Fearless

This question is at the core of our next ICF Conference in 2019 in Zurich. Its also the question we set out to answer in terms of developing the new website; the all new ICF Conference website is our most advanced website in terms of technology — taking advantage of the latest web-technologies.

Its a brand new design powered by a lean setup, using ProcessWire for easy content management and a slick frontend based on Vue.js,

We are pleased to introduce you to the new Ladies Lounge 18 website. The next ICF Women’s Conference will take place in Zurich and several satellite locations across Europe. We embarked on bold new directions for the development of the website — in line with the BRAVE theme.

» Diesen Artikel gibt es auch in Deutsch

Wir freuen uns, euch die neue Ladies Lounge 18 Website vorstellen zu dürfen. Die nächste ICF Women’s Conference wird in Zürich und mehreren Satellitenstandorten in ganz Europa stattfinden und wir haben — passend zum Thema BRAVE — mutig neue Wege bei der Entwicklung der Website eingeschlagen.

» There is also English version of this article

How to install and configure php-cs-fixer on your C9 workspace.

Get nicely formated PHP code for Cloud9 IDE

We and our team at ICF Church love to develop with Cloud9 because of the great sharing and collaborating features. We can create, clone and share our development stack in minutes for others to work on the same project. The need to configure and run a local stack of Apache, MySQL, PHP etc is gone — simply share a url and others are coding happily along…

The missing Feature

One of the things I was missing was automatic code formatting for PHP code — something really useful if your are working with lots of people on the same project. …

A tutorial to guid you on upgrading to PHP 7.0 and install Craft CMS on the Cloud9 IDE.

Craft CMS is the new kid around the CMS block. Check out these stats:

Mut im Angesicht der Löwen

Mut. Wer wäre nicht gerne auch mutig und stark? Ich habe gegoogelt und jetzt herausgefunden wie es geht. Um es kurz zu machen, hier kommt die Antwort:

Mutig ist, wer Durchfall hat, und trotzdem furzt.

Das ist sogar wissenschaftlich bewiesen. Wer es nicht glaubt, kann gerne mal “Darm mit Charme” von Giulia Enders lesen.

Mutige Menschen inspirieren. Mut ist etwas, das uns packt, ein mutiger Held, zieht Millionen vor die Leinwand, ihm folgen hunderttausende Soldaten, ein einziger Mutiger bezwingt Weltmächte und stürzt Jahrhunderte alte Gesellschaftssysteme.

Vor Jahren war ich in der Bibel auf ein Muster gestossen. Ich war gerade dabei…

Hello ICF Web Community.

This is our first post in what hopefully will become the place to go — no matter if you are an editor, an administrator, a developer or just interested in what’s going on behind the scene at ICF Church.

We were hard at work to stabilise our code-base, to improve communications and become more transparent.

In the last months, we have come a long way — and we are still moving forward. Are you with us?

Shooting into the dark

Do you know that awkward feeling when you are talking to someone who is not able to multitask. That annoying silence. Did he even hear what I said?

Below me, the world lies asleep under a blanket of clouds. Occasionally the lights from a village or city break trough black holes in the white sea, connected by glowing roads, the veins of modern society. The moons thin blade cuts trough the morning sky that gently fades from dark blue, to white, to yellow.

I’m on the plane from Zurich to Lisboa. The last weeks where packed full with farewell parties and seeing friends and family to say adieu. Thank you all for your friendship, love and support. It was a warm…

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