Below me, the world lies asleep under a blanket of clouds. Occasionally the lights from a village or city break trough black holes in the white sea, connected by glowing roads, the veins of modern society. The moons thin blade cuts trough the morning sky that gently fades from dark blue, to white, to yellow.

The sun has yet to say hello.

I’m on the plane from Zurich to Lisboa. The last weeks where packed full with farewell parties and seeing friends and family to say adieu. Thank you all for your friendship, love and support. It was a warm goodbye and I’ll cherish the memories of shared moments. Thank you for releasing me, to set foot on yet unknown ways that lay ahead. Thank you for all the gifts, kind words, your good wishes and the precious time you blessed me with. I’m grateful for your friendship.

Stepp One: Lisboa

Just very slowly the full extent of whats to come starts to wander the hallways of my mind. Up to now, I was wrapped in a soft cocoon of peace and hardly ever felt nervous. I took the chance and let go of my plans without struggle.

Before me lies a sea of opportunities, yet unthought thoughts and unspoken words, people to meet, moments to experience, mistakes to make and learnings to take.

My life is now a blank book that awaits to be written, page by page. I don’t want to write it myself though.

I want my creator to write this book, knowing that I’m protected and guided on all my ways. Every step I take is closely monitored and carefully planed. Even if I take matters in my own hands from time to time, I’m confident and save in his hands, always. It’s my deep believe that wherever I go, I’m blessed by the grace of god.

Now, let’s find out what the future olds for me. I figured, your life is yours to live. It’s up to you where you are and what you do. You can take actions and change your life, even today. It’s never to late.

another day, another chance

Outside the window, the sun gently lays its warm light over the face of earth, to weak it up and blesses the world with another day, another chance, a blank page.

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