The End of the Beginning

by Noel Demas

This is the end of the beginning. That scary time where almost every single high school graduate has to consider what they want to do in life. The time when they head to college. Recently, many of my friends and prior classmates just left for college. All of them going to separate places, some are going thousands of miles away, some are staying in state, and some are even staying locally. However, wherever they go each and every one of them have to consider a path that they want to take. Do I wanna be a engineer, a dentist, a manager, or even a CEO. From this point on each and every one of them consider the challenges, the struggles, as well as the benefits, to discover what field they want to enter. While it is frightening for almost everyone to ponder, it’s one question we all have to face. “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?” Our days as children and teens are over. Now we have to think about taxes, food, finances, as well as our own mental and physical state. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives.

I love the fact that we are all changing. Just a couple of days ago I met up with some buddies that I’ve been friends with for a long time. I remember in middle school we would always end up hanging out after school talking about what we like, what we hate, and even what we wanted to become. There were times where we would go the beach, go hiking in the canyons, or even just stay at home and play some Super Smash Bros. Although that all had to come to an end. The next day we were all separating, starting the next chapter in our lives and moving on to do greater and more interesting things. It was refreshing to get back together one last time and chat. However, as we were talking something started to tick in my head. We were all headed a path that we modeled, we created, and we formed through what we learned and experienced as young kids and as teens. A path that would take us into another chapter. A path that would end up being the beginning to our end. This path signified our goals, dreams, and ambitions for the future. What we wanted to become, what we wanted to achieve, and what we wanted to discover were all part of this path, I loved it!

As we sat and talked, we each shared our path and how we want it to play out. Where are we going to college? What do we want to major in? How are we would pay for student loans? Even our dreams that we wanted to pursue. It’s a lot to live up to. However, it was great to see how we each chose different paths and how our goals and our dreams were diverse. While a lot is undecided and we don’t know for sure how our lives will play out I would love to see whether they stay on their original path or diverge onto a different road. It’s something that we cannot foresee or predict, it something that we choose or have the world choose for us. Whatever may happen in our lives, I wish those guys the best of luck.

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