Data Viz Meetup

This article is a note about data visualization meetup (or lecture, workshop, and webinar, etc) I have attended before. This article will keep updated.

1/14 Webinar

Topic: Creating Design-driven Data Visualization
Speaker: Hayley Hughes from IBM

  1. Principle
    A. Imperfection: be faithful to complexity, do not oversimplify data
    B. Deep engagement: smart clients don’t make big decisions from a dashboard, they compare many types of data
    C. Personal touch: start from scratch
  2. Process
  3. Style
    A. Make data look like IBM and have unique character
    B. Design for people with visual impairment and color blindness
    C. Challenge: coming up with a color palette that works across multiple visualizations ,and the palette is accessible and hasn’t a contrast
  4. Animation: in order to compare different and difficult data sets
  5. Interaction: zoom, filter, details
  6. (Bonus chapter: Chart models)

1/12 Data Viz Meetup @Bocoup

Topic: What can data visualization teach us about auditory displays?
Speaker: Leslie Watkins from Fathom Information Design

Examples and resources from the talk: (provided by Leslie)

Listening to the Dow

NPR Audio Chart

Two Trains

Daniel Kish

The Sonification Handbook

12/18 Workshop in Taiwan

Topic: Making Data Makes A Day
Speaker: MengChih Chaing

12/2 Lecture at Northeastern University

Topic: To Index a City: Thinking in Spatio-Temporal
Speaker: Vadim Smakhtin