From amen breaks to airhorns

A post by @dougald and how his past as a busker helped him express himself musically but also through other creative forms to create meaning. I tinkered with playing guitar for about 10 years in my childhood, with the embarassment on playing in a band called “Yak & Revelation”. Luckily @audioboo didn’t exist back then to remind everyone of how bad the music was! I then swapped the plectrum for turntables — a pair of vintage 1s and 2s, so vintage in fact, that they’re now discontinued and resting in peace in theLondon Science Museum. When I got into DJing (more on that elsewhere), the story about how drum & bass — one of the edgier music genres — actually depends on a stuffy 60s band the Stranglers and it’s “amen break”. Anyway, it got me into mixing tracks that mashed up up old school instruments and techno — from violins all the way to a Riviera orchestra playing a Detroit classic.

That’s why this video by @ptxofficial just blows me away, singing all the way from 1600s up until now!