Sounds of the city

Have you ever wondered why treasure hunts are always about looking for things? What about if we didn’t ask you to look for anything?

We try and track everything, from what people buy to what they say online, some even call it sentiment analysis. We often talk about filtering the signals from the noise but what do the sounds of the city tell us about the way we live our lives?

Sometimes in markets you can’t even hear yourself speak. That’s why Spots of Time designed an activity for people to find the recording devices hidden across the market and tell us what sounds they make.

Using all the different senses can help design activities that don’t make you feel disabled but stimulate your senses.

Using data collected in the spaces people live and breathe in — “open air data” — can help show measures of social wellbeing and identity around a public space. What “open air data” would complement the evidence you’ve got to help you make decisions and that would encourage more inclusive and accessible engagement by people in your research?

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