• Pratap Hirji Chande

    Pratap Hirji Chande

  • uber


    Full fledged publishing house, old school meets new school.

  • Rich Allela

    Rich Allela

  • Micah Baldwin

    Micah Baldwin

    Executive Coach @highoutput. Angel Investor. Founded or early at 6 startups (4 exits). @amazon @madronaventures alum. Loves dogs, cats & donuts.

  • Supun Malinda

    Supun Malinda

    Loves Digital Technology Forever

  • Emmanuel Paraskakis

    Emmanuel Paraskakis

    Web Entrepreneur, Product Manager, SaaS evangelist, API Geek, API Craft San Francisco Meetup Group organizer, Private Pilot, BBQ, Maya's and Sofia's Dad!

  • Goonjan Mall

    Goonjan Mall

    Entrepreneur | Traveler | BITSian

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