How Come People Change Sometimes…?

Noel Zapata
Jul 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Pretty deep question right? I was thinking about this Today, i've seen a lot of people change some bad, some good.

I've also noticed that on many occasions some people are displeased with change, while many others are rejoiced by seeing it. I'm sure you’ve also noticed that, but the reason were both here is because were curious, Why Do People Change? I have an answer.

People many times in life are content and sometimes stay in the same position for Years, sometimes a Lifetime out of Fear or thinking that they can’t change their circumstance for whatever reason they tell themselves. Yet as bluntly as I put that, You see others with similar circumstances, sometimes worse, BUT you see them Moving ahead somehow even if it does take them Several years which is the case on Most Occasions.

People change because deep inside we all want to move ahead in life somehow, and some way. Even those that were “Content” may have wanted more, whether it be Financially, Spiritual, Health, in Love or something else.

Wouldn’t you agree? Its in our DNA to change and move ahead. That's why Nature is always growing, expanding and no matter what finds a way to Thrive and Balance things out for the Greater good. You may ask…

What about the people that end up in Jail, Or make Negative change that hurts those they love and those around them. Before Action always comes thought. There is a great quote Walt Disney once said.

Its true, based on Surroundings, Upbringing, and Experiences that are Traumatizing or Empowering will affect us.

Is it Permanent? The experience itself already happened so that part is permanent. Its now part of your past and what helped you become who you are today. But everything bad could be turned into a positive, that means Through God, Science, Personal Development. You will inevitably grow and if your open to change will Empower yourself choosing to see it differently and then you becoming a model to those around you because of your positive change and perspective.

In Essence people change because we are part of Nature, and Nature is always evolving. Its why Dinosaurs are now gone, and many new species now walk this earth. Change is Inevitable, down to use aging on the outside, and hopefully the inside as well in our spirit and mind.

But it is up to us whether to decide will that Change be Neutral, Negative or Positive? Anything we set our minds to will become a reality, especially if were positive and never give up. Adversity is like a speed bump in the road I always say and part of the Journey in us reaching our Desired Destination. Life is not forever and we have only a limited time here to be alive and contribute towards others and humanity. Will you change to maximize yourself and try to hit your greatest potential which is infinite? or will you allow circumstances, and others to hold you back? the choice is yours, but despite which option you choose, lets stay in touch ❤.




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Noel Zapata

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My names Noel, I'm 19 and Im obsessed with Success and Reaching my Dreams/Full Potential. I'm usually writing about all the Lessons and Stories im experiencing.

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