If you struggle know that it to shall pass and once again you will be free. Fastest way to get past a challenge or something worth overcoming is by attitude and grace. Putting words down, Meditation, saying thank you Or in your mind picturing what it is that you really want are things that I use and hope you can Gain from as well. You can have the outer world collapse but if you could only manage to keep in your center, then guess what? You, have Won my friend. It’s that true and it’s because if you manage to stay positive when stuff hits the fan then your a winner because you disciplined yourself for that, Also you wanna know what happens next? :) That’s right, more opportunity is now being seen everywhere. Spread love, Spread Joy, Spread Good feelings of Positivity, The Universe will Reward you I promise. Life is not perfect but you can get something out of every situation and it being a roller coaster is what allows you to enjoy the great times and It gives you the opportunity to think and be creative(The Sweetest Joy To Man Is“Creativity”). Don’t ever let anything hold you down, Like a sling shot you need to shift perspective and know that you are being prepped up for greatness and that every set back is preparing you for your launch forward. Adversity slowly becomes a Mini Speed Bump. Seeing things like a slingshot is only to make the Rewards of life so much sweeter.

I found my passion to be writing but don’t share any of my stories or like them unless I was able to provide real value. Much love and thank you


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Thank you again in advance and don’t share unless to you my content was valuable, much gratitude and love thank you.

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