“Royal Affairs”

A Story Of Betryals


King Alexander

Queen Emily

The God Of War: Quavius

The God Of Justice: Bruce Wayne

Mother Nature: Hope

In a kingdom long and far a way lived royalty. Huge castle with a typical draw back bridge a beautiful blue and slightly cloudy sky lay upon in the mist of everything. Sun beaming but yet the winds breezing enough to give a mid cool climate. By the Castle Lay villages and beyond that valleys and forest. In this castle lay a charmer and womanizer King Alexander, and his loving wife and Queen Emily. Together for a long time but toxic had their relationship become. Emily was not as loyal as what the king was made to believe she roamed the village pleasantly and generously but un-loyal and deceiving she was. Amongst her charity giving she was a nymph that could rarely control her self among other men, Time and Time again had the king heard word but ignorant in his faith he was until in action Emily was caught. The king heard word she was with another man near his area and curiosity led him to the hut and small home. There he caught his dear sweetheart in the flesh with another man inside her and her sweating and moaning. The King was destroyed and plainly now broken, his Queen had betrayed him for years though he knew he did not want to believe it and believed it was only the ignorance and jealousy of others. He now learned to become more open minded and with this blessing in disguise he then met the woman of his dreams.

Son: Dad can I get another story please

Dad: One last one son and off to bed with you, you need your sleep to become an intelligent well off, confident and strong young man.

In the beginning the universe was nothing more than just plain atoms which just adapted and grew. Soon after came Olympus where many glorious events and stories took place. In this one lay and lie a tale of Treachery and temptation. The God Of Justice Bruce Wayne was married to Mother Nature which was named Hope. In the mist of that lay a man with no morals. He was called Quavius, The God Of War. Quavius had slept with several women in the past only this time it was with one in a commitment. A law of the Universe and Code to Achievement and Morality is “Treat Others The Way You Wish To Be Treated Always” along with “Respect every mans or woman’s spouse”. Quavius seduced Hope but a big mistake he made because hope had aids and now Bruce being the god of justice had to lay his hand down on top of Quavius now being sick. Quavius and Bruce Now entered a War that lasted days. It was the funniest war in all of Olympus. Quavius mostly ran and hid until he was taken by Justice, Interogated on why he did what he did, fed, beat up, fed again, beat up some more, fed again and then eventually hung after him being under the impression he was going to have a longer life. Life went on but this story for its many lessons was never truly forgotten.

· Respect and Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated

· Do not fall into Temptation and be very careful for it could be your very own life on the line

· Justice will always prevail so be careful who you are because even the god of war failed and died in the face of real Justice.

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