Bhairav Pain Care Kit.

The Bhairav team has done extensive research using these three parameters and has concluded that the currently available pain relief products in the market fall short of one or two of these parameters. With this in mind, the team has created the Bhairav Pain Care Kit which follows the Ayurvedic system of Healing & Preventive Wellness! Our one-month Bhairav Pain Care kit includes three bottles of Bhairav Oil and 100 grams of Massage Powder. The herbal formulation of Bhairav Oil for effective pain management uses Black Kalonji seeds as the base material. Kalonji is an ayurvedic herb extract which has over 100 medicinal properties. Kalonji is proven to help in healing & recovery from sprains, strains and swelling. Other major ingredients of our pain care Oil are Shudh Gugal and Revendchini, each of which has been listed as a highly effective alternative for treatment of all joint related ailments and disorders. The Bhairav Massage Powder is an herbal formulation of Revendchini, Amba Haldi, Gugal and Maida Lakdi. These are sure-shot ingredients for even advanced cases of Inflammatory arthritis & Slip Disc issues when used as advised.

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