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I thought the iOS Storyboard was also XML, but I would agree that editing the XML on Android is much easier and most of the Android tutorials I have followed encourage that too.

I dabbed into Android development about a month ago or so. I was a little scared since I did not know any Java and of being performant and compatible with the thousands of android devices out there. However, since it was a school project, it gave me the little push I needed to move past this fear and try it out. My knowledge in iOS development really helped me understand and grasp how Android is set up, and like you mentioned, learning Java was not really an issue, but I think my struggle with the IDE and simulators really ruined my experience. I was never able to run an instance of the simulator without crashing my computer, but hey, maybe my Mid-2009 Macbook Pro was not able to handle the power of Android. :P

Hopefully upgrading will offer me a different perspective about Android development. :)