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Perhaps this writer FAILED to see the middle finger to ALL Americans by the oBama Mis-Administration? Perhaps her/his/its’ head was shoved so deeply into the abyss of the reigning dictators sigmond colon, she couldn’t see the light at the of the long tunnel.

If this writer had any decency, she would have noted the frequent flyer program of golf games and shopping for the ?First ?Lady . ?Her safari to Africa under the pretense of Ambassador. Ambassador? The First ?Lady?

What about all those SNL skits , Late night Talk shows? HOW much does it take to go to one of these? On OUR DIME , no less? Secrete Service , Air Force 1, fuel etc,etc,etc? The sitting President told Donald Trump the Presidency was “serious business”, after all.

Didn’t the sitting President say a drug addled punk could have been “his son”? Yeah Trayvon, your daddy spoke, after you got yourself shot and killed. Poor parenting.

Then , there is the communist propaganda news organizations , run by a communist, for communists.

We are neither amused , nor are we in awe of this egrecious bi-pedal excrements escapades , in “OUR WHITE HOUSE”. We are not amused by this 3rd rate hack of a “newsman/woman/whatever , abilities.

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