Want to grab anything imaginable and then pin it to a lamp shade?

Honestly, I have not had the urge, but these guys did and I think I like it. The idea came to mind after pulling a not-so-bad looking lamp stand out of the garbage and giving it a home. Certainly not the worst idea, but it didn't even have a shade! They must have stared at the light bulb for quite some time before getting one above their head. Finally it did appear and a lamp shade that is basically made up of small clips was born. These clips are used to hold just about anything; wood, metal, glass, and even carbon fiber. Apparently more shades full of stuff are planed for the future but the current offerings are rather extensive. The full lamps are pricey but you can buy just a lamp shade for a more reasonable price. They are on Kickstarter right now. Their website is also worth a look, the lights turn on and off, fun! noenddesigns.com

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