Having this social anxiety disorder makes me expressionless
Afraid to express my emotions
Afraid to show any emotions

In Fact, I only have one expression on my face….

I will always look like I’m angry
Even when I’m happy or sad.

Because of that, I have been called many names
I’ve been called ‘stonely face’
I’ve been teased to have taken drugs

No way… of course I don’t take any drugs

Anyway, one of the better names that I’ve been called
Is ‘cool guy’

Cos’ I will look as if I am cool in any situation..

Yup the key word there is ‘as if’.

When I’m in situations that will trigger my anxiety,
no one knows what is going on inside of me.
Sometimes I am afraid of what would happen, you know…

But now, I am really grateful cos I have learnt to manage my anxiety in a more positive way.

Well, besides planning my daily activities in such a way that will minimise such triggers, I am able to truly remain calm when I am in unexpected ‘trigger-activating’ situations.

I still have lots to do before I can really live my life
without being affected by this mental illness,
but I know that I will be able to do so in time, insha Allah.

Right now, I just want to live my life the best I can and strive to overcome this illness, and at the same time, hope to inspire others to do the same.

I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone several times by meeting strangers, talking, and also recording myself singing.
Now I have a YouTube, Facebook and Instagram page and also a smule account where I will continue to do so.

I thank God for showing me the way
Without His Guidance, I wouldn’t have found the platform that has changed my life. Alhamdulillah!

Thank you for reading and do follow me to find out more about my journey towards my dreams!