What to do After a Friend Tries to Commit Suicide?

📷: Daan Stevens

What do you do after a friend tries to commit suicide? Be at their beckon call at every waking hour? Do you give them advice or do you ignore the attempt completely? Everyone processes grief in their own way, and many are unable to process the incidence at all. Where does that put you?

Advice on what to do when a loved one, co-worker, stranger, or friend tries to take their own life.

  1. Listen
  2. Repeat

Listen to the doctors, counselors, social workers, family members, friends, and strangers. Just as everyone processes grief in their own way, everyone has their own opinions. Listening doesn’t mean that you’re agreeing or disagreeing — listening is listening. Only by listening will you not only understand, but also open up the door to communication.

By listening to others, you’re given the opportunity to empathize or sympathize with them. Truly understanding one’s point of view can be revelating and it should be!

So you’re saying to just listen to everyone and not do anything?

No, not at all. The point is that by listening, you’re able to hear thoughts that you missed before. Being the ear that others have sought to find can be rather difficult to come by. Especially in times of hardship, listening is needed.

Listen to all of the third-party advice but listen to the source the most. Your friend is still your friend and because they tried to do what they did, does not make them any less your friend — your friend is still your friend. Don’t run or hide when your friend needs you the most. If they’re open to talking to you, listen. If they don’t want to talk, listen. But don’t close the door on them and certainly don’t assume without knowing.

Only by listening can you selflessly act.

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