What killed Ebube

You know doctors have an explanation for everything. When they were asked what killed Ebube they said it was hepatitis virus in his blood. They said a byproduct of the breakdown of his red blood cells caused the yellowing of his skin and eyes, the dark urine, the extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. They also said Ebube was among the small subset of persons with acute hepatitis who could develop acute liver failure, which led to his death.

Ugonna, his wife, blamed his family. On Cornelia the wicked sister in-law who came around only when she needed money, or to yell about one thing or the other. Saying her brother spent too much money on barren Ugonna and that was why he never had enough to give, or to send to their mother, father and brothers codependent on him in the village. Ugonna blamed Ebube’s death on the whole village, they killed him untimely out of jealousy for his wealth.

We who are his friends all know chagrin killed Ebube, it drove him to drinking and smoking, it ruined his body and then he died as a result.