Cat Lady Knits

12 knitting & crochet patterns for cat ladies (and gents and enbies)

Kitty Hat by Lisa Whiting ($9 download)

This bonnet with clever kitty ears is perfect for cat ladies from 0–100. (Cat ladies over 100 should really dress their age.)

Micetto by Katrin Schubert (€3.50 download)

Prefer a beanie? This one is perfection in the details, with a slipped stitch ribbed brim, stranded color work kitties, and a clever crown shaping.

Sudderudden by Susanne Ljung (free)

This giant wrap of a triangular shawl features color work cats and a paw print border with a fold-over hem.

Cat and Mouse Car Coat by M’Lou Linsert Baber (book)

Car coats have gone rather out of style, and who better to bring them back than cat ladies on their believed-to-be-rare outings?

Cat V-Neck by Kate Bellando ($7 download)

The clever color work patterning on this pullover is worthy of MC Escher.

Cat Walk Poncho by Ellen Bagge (free)

…but sometimes you just want something simple, and this poncho delivers simple with a punch. Or a paw print.

Kattevotter by Jorid Linvik (book or $6.50 download)

There are many kittens — I mean kitty mittens — but to the best of my knowledge, these are the only ones with a fishbone thumb.

Cat Socks by Jorid Linvik ($6 download)

Close your eyes for a moment. What socks would you knit if you could wear them without fear that they’d immediately be covered in cat hair? It’s these.

Pickles by Linda Dawkins ($5 download)

Pickles! Pickles Pickles Pickles! (Pickles’s sister, Beans, is a free pattern.)

Cat or Kitten Amigurumi by Celina Lane ($5.99 download)

Perfect for holiday gifts, shelf decoration, and Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay.

Cat’s Meow Purse by Carol Ventura (book)

Sometimes a lady needs a cat purse, am I right? This one comes in several sizes and looks like something you’d find a surf bum selling at a flea market; you’d tell everyone the story of its finding for absolutely ages.

Amineko by Nekoyama (free)

Amineko is the cat that I would crochet one hundred of, if I could crochet.

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