Why I’m Excited About Facebook Messenger Codes.

What are Messenger Codes?

Facebook are launching a new feature to its 900 million strong Messenger service this year, along with new features Usernames and Links.

Messenger Codes will allow brands to display codes that can then be scanned by users in order to start up an instant conversation via the one-on-one messenger platform.

How brands can use Messenger Codes.

By opening up the messenger service brands can now display their code anywhere in the real world allowing customers an easier route to start a conversation.

In my mind this is a great opportunity for brands to get creative with these codes, similar to Snapcodes. Utilising print media such as clothing, business cards etc.

As customer service continues the shift from telephone support to social support, this could eventually replace the need for displaying phone numbers on brands websites, that’s probably a few years off but it’s an inevitable shift non the less.

Could Codes also replace the ‘follow us on Facebook’ graphics so many brands rely on the drive engagement to their channel? Again probably a few years off.

Whatever the future holds for Messenger Codes I’m excited to see how brands not only adopt it but innovate with it!

I’d really love to discuss Messenger Codes with you some more on Twitter! I’m @_duggan_ (here)

Have a great day!

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