All Time Low Release Melancholic Track “Life of The Party”

The pop-punk quartet have released yet another track off of their upcoming album “Last Young Renagade”, which comes out June 2nd of this year. Like most recent songs from the group, this one veers off of the typical “pop-punk” sound and heads into a new direction with a very prominent electronic element. I guess you can call it electronic-punk. (has a nice ring to it if i do say so myself)

As of lately, I’ve seen many ‘classic’ pop-punk bands release new music that has this electronic factor, and honestly, I dont hate it. Thats problaby because I listen to electronic music just as much as I listen to alternative music, so I dont mind the combination of the two genres. I know theres alot of fans who dislike the direction that this band is going in, and thats totally fine to not like it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, just like the way the band has the right to change their style if thats what they feel is right for them. Music is music amirite?

Anyways, back to the track. The Track itself puts whoever is listening to it through quite a few emotions from Happy and Reckless to Reflective and Melancholic to Carefree and Unmeasured and then back to Regretful and more Melancholy. (talk about a rollercoaster of emotions) Not only do you hear the change of mood in the beat and tempo of the song, you literally hear it in the lyrics. There is a particular lyric that stood out to me the most and that lyric is:

“Now it’s four in the morning, I’m trying to fix myself / What the hell did I do? I’m the life of the party.” -”Life of the Party”, All Time Low

Clearly we hear the regret and unhappiness with the singers choices from the night before, yet he continues to live that life over and over because its pretty much all he knows. (okay, lets not get too deep.)

Well, thats my take on All Time Low’s new track. Whats yours? Watch the video below and let me know what you think!

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Final Track Rating: 8.7/10