Bands are good, Bands are great, Spread the Music, Not the Hate.

Its time to rally up the punk kids, round up the pop kids, and call pretty much anybody else who likes music. This is the place to be. Welcome to my newly birthed blog! *confetti burst*

Here I plan to write about all things music, from band recommendations to reviews, its all gonna be here. So gather ‘round piggies and kiss this HELLO! Yes, that was totally a my chem reference, lets not pretend like we all havent been completely obsessed with them in our middle school — beginning of high school years. We’ve all been there, lets be honest.

Don't worry, this isnt going to be some emo blog where I cry about my life and how the world hates me, thats what twitters for.

This blog will include a little bit of every genre, but i’ll mainly focus on alternative and pop-punk music since thats what I listen to.

So anyways, before I drag this out way longer than it should be.

Without further adue…drumroll please…



I hope you enjoy it!

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