New Found Glory and Their New Sound On “Make Me Sick”

The bands ninth studio album gives fans a 10 track follow up to the 2014 album, “Resurrection”

New Found Glory is the band that never stops giving. The long running pop-punk band have had quite a glorious year as they’ve been on huge sold out tour in celebration of their 20 year anniversary. As if hearing two fan favorite albums each night of the tour wasn't enough, the band has just released their ninth studio album titled “Makes Me Sick” on April 28th, 2017. This album serves as a follow up to their 2014 release “Resurrection” and boy is it good. (p.s Im listening to it as I type this.)

*34 minutes of melodic pop-punk later*

Woo! I feel like I should be skating down Venice beach with my ripped jeans, faded vans, backwards snapback and headphones on right about now.

The 10 track album brings back the rhythm guitar that was so dearly missed in the last album. Pretty much every track has this fun punky feel to it and its freaking fantastic. Like seriously, I want you to try to listen to it and not enjoy it, even the slightest bit.

Lets talk tracks, its hard for me to choose a favorite track because literally every song has a moment where you say, “damn, thats good”. From the splunky synth infused track ‘Call Me Anti-Social’ to the Caribbean Suprise of “The Sound of Two Voices” and even the 80’s sounding “Barbed Wire” if anything this album makes you happy instead of sick (lol)

Don’t believe me? Give it a listen:

track recommendation: Call Me Anti-Social

Final Ranking: 4.8/5