Amazon To Fly its Own Plane Soon, Promises Speed Delivery

Getting goods delivered on time on Amazon is now taking a new a shape, as the e-commerce juggernaut plans to launch its first ever branded cargo plane. The plane is a a Boeing 767–300 operated by Atlas Air, an existing provider of air cargo services for

In a press statement ahead of the event, the company’s senior vice president of worldwide operations, Dave Clarke, outlined plans for a more expansive “air transportation network.” The company will lease 40 planes in total from Atlas Air and another partner, ATSG, for its Prime Air cargo operations in the next two years, he revealed.

The move is part of a broad effort to speed delivery for ever-demanding customers.

Among other things, these efforts include the addition of 4,000 trailers to its fleet of delivery trucks; the launch of Flex, a mobile app to let vetted freelance drivers start using their own vehicles to make deliveries; and the use of robotics and other technology to speed packing and sorting at its facilities.

Source: Amazon

Originally published at NoizMakaz.