Cast Your Egg Into Your Nest- Be The Money Maker

In this new year, it will be very unwise to live having no money in hand. Getting stucked, borrowing loans, paying debts and looking for a way-out of lack shouldn’t be a mission you still have to embark on this year.

Many people know what they really want but how to get them is the problem. If you really want to be financial buoyant in this year, you need to;
 1. Be thirsty for knowledge: Very many individuals are walking in the darkness of ignorance. You need to know how things work, don’t just sit feeling like a king in a kingdom of fools. Information is key but you also need to know that being informed isn’t great like being savvy.

2. Eat less: I know very many of you may scoff this but I believe those that attain financial independence are those who care less about their food and more about their status; that’s why you see a tiny healthy man being escorted by a well built man as a security. Food makes you become fool because only the fools become wise when it comes to food.

3. Be a producer: Don’t join the crowd of being a consumer. People are waiting for your product also. Those whose product you consume are human beings like you do and they weren’t born from the moon or sun. Have a product or service to render to the masses and this will propel you to your financial independence.

4. Live healthy: As much as you care more about being financially buoyant, you must also consider living healthy. An exercise in the morning, drinking enough water, eating good foods, and taking enough rest should also be considered as you aim for financial independence. Your wealth is tantamount to your health.

Originally published at NoizMakaz.

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