Check Out Nestlé Products That Changed The Modern World As She Celebrates 150 Yearss

Since 1866, the world leading nutrition, health, and wellness company Nestlé- developed science-based products that have shaped and enhanced the history of innovation and even saved lives. You probably may not know the products that had shaped the modern world by Nestlé but these are the products that made Nestle who she is today.

Farine lactée: In 1867 in Switzerland, a premature baby cannot breastfeed which is very worrying in an era when many infants died of malnutrition due to a lack of effective breast milk alternative. During this era, a man named Henri Nestlé heard about the ugly case and stood to his toes that there must be a way out from this mess. He later feeds the child with his ‘farine lactée’ infant food. That was the only product the boy can digest and he survives.

The success of Nestlé spreads rapidly and through commitment, determination and a pioneering spirit he builds a thriving business.

The Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk: This milk was Europe’s first condensed milk which was another life-saving product in an era before refrigeration, when fresh milk spoilt easily in transit. In 1905, Anglo Swiss merged with Nestlé’s company to form the Nestlé & Anglo-Swiss Milk Company, which evolved into Nestlé from 1977. Railways and steamships gave Nestlé & Anglo-Swiss access to new urban markets worldwide, and it made savvy use of modern advertising media — newspapers, magazines, billboards — to educate people on product benefits. Namely, nutrition, quality, safety, affordability and taste.

One other benefit that Nestlé products have always offered is convenience, and this became especially important after World War Two, when more women entered the workplace, and people demanded foods that were easy to prepare.

Nescafé: In 1938, people couldn’t go a day without starting their day with a Nescafé’, the world’s first great-tasting instant coffee, simply by adding hot water. By 1948 they could enjoy Nesquik, a cocoa-based powder that dissolves easily in cold milk. Cans weren’t new, but nutritious meals in cans were, and this quickly became a high-growth segment for Nestlé. Such foods had a long shelf life, were easy to heat then eat, and you could even enjoy them cold. Cans were also simple to transport, so you could consume them on a camping trip, for instance, along with your cup of Nescafé. Such products helped to shape our modern world, and life.

Today, is a known fact that when it comes to Nutrition, Health and wellness Nestlé definitely has a place.

Celebrating 150 years of ‘Good food, Good life’

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