Etudesk, Aphelion Energy and Coliba Made Seedstars Abidjan Finalists

Seedstars Abidjan 2016 aims to discovering the best startups from emerging markets and providing a platform for entrepreneurs and startups to access funds and also showcase their innovative ideas to investors. In doing that, the Seedstars World organizes a pitch event every year where startups and entrepreneurs can showcase and pitch their ventures to investors and some set of panelists and ultimately crowning them for the Seedstars global finals in Switzerland.

Basically, it selects 10 best startups form each countries and finally select 3 most innovative ones who will be representing their nation at the Seedstars global finals. Without further ado, these are the winners of the Seedstars Abidjan 2016.

The winners are:
 Etudesk- is a web platform permitting to academic institutions to set up easily their e-learning platform and to offer high quality courses.

Aphelion Energy- modernize rural life in West Africa through last mile distribution, consumer finance, and great technologies, starting with solar energy.

Coliba- is an early stage waste management online mobile application which seeks to help users separate their waste.

These startups will be representing Abidjan at the Seedstars World global finals later this year. As regards all Seedstars startups, the startups chosen are less than 2 years old, have raised less than $500,000 in funding, have an MVP, traction, and can scale.

The Seedstars Abidjan 2016 was supported by Ovillage, Orange, Brussels Airlines, Transforming Education Project in Cocoa Communities(TRECC),the Beezy Africa Group and Jacobs Foundation. The pitch event was also graced by Cotedivoire minister of youth. Goodlucks to the selected finalists.

Originally published at NoizMakaz.