Findworka- The Perfect Place to Find Artisans For Your Works

Getting the right kind of person to do that laundering, repairing and painting may be so tiring and disappointing, as very many artisans in Nigeria are so frivolous in their dealings. Apparently, we can’t just do without them. For me, I would have love to paint my house all by myself and set the furniture also. But, we all just want a means whereby we can find an helping hand that won’t pissed us off, and that birth Findworka.

Findworka, is an online platform that connects quality artisans to potential clients. If you are a client, you are linked to a reliable services that have already been scrutinized by a community. Being a service provider, also opens you to a group of clients who are prepared to pay promptly for your services.

With Findworka, people can find service providers who are already rated by clients based on competence, timeliness and attitude. Available services on the site right now include dry cleaners, security guards, carpenters, painters, car repairers and IT personnel. Presently, Findworka is available only on web, but mobile apps are said to be under development and will soon be unveiled.

Findworka is a subsidiary of Bosstable- a recruitment startup founded by developer, serial entrepreneur, and Lead Software Engineer for BudgIT, Dele Bakare. The procedures is quite easy; Individuals and service providers create their accounts, users post their service requests, service providers view the requests available in the different categories. Clients interact with the service providers directly using the “Hire me” feature, or send a request directly to Findworka by phone call, sms or email and Clients pay the total of the agreed sum into Findworka’s account. This amount is then paid to the service provider. However, Dele Bakare noted in a statement that Findworka was created out of the tough times people face when hiring services.

Originally published at NoizMakaz.