Leslie Berland Made Twitter Chief Marketing Officer

Twitter has appointed longtime American Express executives Leslie Berland to be their CMO. Berland has been versatile over the past few years with her life and career which is so evident of the work she did in America Express. Recently, she was the VP of global advertising, marketing and digital partnerships at the financial giant and will now be tasked with building Twitter’s brand.

The hiring of Berland comes two days after Twitter announced the unprecedented departure of VPs on its executive team. Among that group were VP of Media Katie Stanton, VP of Product Kelvin Weil and VP of Engineering Alex Roetter. Filling the CMO hole was thought to be one of the last pieces to Twitter’s executive puzzle, but now there are a whole lot more vacancies to be filled.

That won’t be easy. Twitter’s product is well-known globally, with more than 300 million users and tons of media and brand partnerships. But it has struggled to attract new users and convince those who have tried and abandoned Twitter to give it another chance. That’s one of the reasons it launched a major marketing campaign around its new multimedia feature, Moments, last fall. Berland will take over those reins from CFO Anthony Noto, who has been handling marketing in an interim fashion for the past eight months. Quite sure with her experience so far in the industry, she will definitely take Twitter to a greater heights.

Originally published at NoizMakaz.